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A Message from Jeff Beyer

Somerville Black Lives Matter March June

“I want to first and foremost thank all of you who supported my candidacy for Bedminster Township Committee this year with your time, your donations, and your votes. Even though we achieved a record number of votes for a Democrat in Bedminster, we fell short of our goal of obtaining Democratic representation on the Committee. I congratulate Colin Hickey on a race well run and we should all resolve to work with him to reach our shared goal of making Bedminster better. Even though we did not win in town, we should take heart that we helped to turn Somerset County completely Blue and aided in the elections of Tom Malinowski, Corey Booker, and most especially, Joe Biden. Myself and the Democratic Committee of Bedminster look forward to continuing the good work of moving our representation and our voice forward. You will see us stronger in 2021 because of what we did in 2020. Thanks again.” - Jeff Beyer, Chair, Bedminster Democratic Committee

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