A Message from Our Candidates

Jeff Beyer

I want to thank everyone on behalf of Zaheer and I for all of the hard work you have done for our campaign this year. It is humbling to have so much support from all of you and it has been an honor to be one of your standard bearers. Even though we were not successful in Bedminster this election, our efforts helped to turn our county blue with Darrin Russo's and Melonie Marano's winning campaigns. 
That is an historic achievement that all of us can be very proud of.

Zaheer Jan

On behalf of my running mate Jeff Beyer and myself, I would like to thank the residents of Bedminster who came out to vote in support of our candidacy for Bedminster Township Committee. The will of those residents who didn’t want a couple of Democrats sitting and sharing their town’s government with three Republican Committeemen, however, prevailed. Our congratulations go to Committeeman Elect Doug Stevinson and Committeewoman Elect Gina Lisa-Fernandez. May they be blessed with wisdom to carry out their duties in support of all of Bedminster’s citizens. Kudos to all those who came out to exercise "people power'' at the polling booths, and to those who voted by mail their choice of candidates. God bless America and preserve its people and their government from evil designs of all enemies without and within.

Paid for by the Bedminster Democratic Committee, P.O. Box 7276 Bedminster, NJ 07921

Email us at Info@bedminsterdems.org

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