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Here's How You Can Help Elect Democrats in the Upcoming Georgia US Senate Run-Off Election


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Or send a check to: Urban Outreach Association, P.O. Box 882, Griffin, GA 30224

(Please write BDC or Bedminster Democrats in the memo area of your check. Urban Outreach Association is a 501c3 making donations tax-deductible. Complete information is below).

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Urban Outreach Association - Pop Up Voter Registration Sites and Voting Empowerment Talks


The Urban Outreach Association (UOA) 501c3 is implementing a new initiative to increase voting in Spalding County for the January 5, 2021 Senate Run-Off elections. Through UOA’s Community Voting project, 775 new voters have been registered and 2,526 more voters voted in the November 3, 2020 election compared to the 2018 governor’s election. The 2,526 additional votes increased the state of Georgia’s voting margin significantly. We have confirmed from work on the ground in the targeted communities, the need for increased community empowerment, voting education and a super information network.  


With this knowledge, Pop-up Voter Registration Sites which will include voting empowerment talks have been developed and will be executed in targeted neighborhoods:


  • Two daily pop-up sites will be executed in targeted neighborhoods starting in late November through the day of election on January 5, 2021 (50 events in total). Neighborhoods will be selected based on data from the November 2020 election that shows voter turnout levels in each precinct.


  • Attendees will be provided voting information, entertainment by local artists, and sack lunches and dinners which will be provided and sponsored by individuals and local businesses. Voter registrations and voting empowerment will be priority one and two at the events.


What happens at a pop-up voter registration site and voting empowerment talk?


  • Staffers and volunteers canvass neighborhoods the afternoon before the events and 2 hour prior to the scheduled event to distribute voting information, register new voters, build trust and provide invitations for sack lunch/dinner at the event.

  • Attendees will be asked to sign-in to participate in the events. Voting project newspapers will be distributed. Attendees will include residents in the neighborhood, community leaders, volunteers, entertainers, and speakers.

  • Small businesses are invited to participate and sell their products and provide raffle items to encourage additional community involvement.


Morning Event

10:00-11:30    Complete site set-up: Erect tent and set up table, chairs, balloons and music

10:00-12:00    Conduct canvassing activities

1200- 1:00    Assemble for event and sack lunch


Evening Event

1:00 -2:00    Transition to evening site

2:00- 3:30    Complete site set-up: Erect tent and set up table, chairs, balloons and music

2:00- 4:00    Conduct canvassing activities

4:00- 5:00    Assemble for event and sack dinner


What is the purpose of pop-up voter registration sites and voting empowerment talk?


  • Provide a systematic way to reach targeted neighborhoods that have low voting engagement.

  • Provide canvassers with a data-based approach for registering new voters and encouraging eligible voters that did not vote in November to vote in January.

  • Share recent elections results and how Spalding County can increase voter turnout.

  • Build excitement for the January 5, 2021 election.

  • The voter registration focus will be on High school students, college students, the homeless population, and other groups that may have a high density of non-voters (i.e., food pantries and food giveaway participants, hangouts around liquor stores, etc.)

  • Encourage voters who voted in November to empower a friend or neighbor to vote in person early, by mail or on January 5th.  If the 11,784 voters who voted in November 2020 encouraged one additional person to vote, that would be 23,568 votes which could potentially change the community’s landscape forever.


Additional pop-up voter registration site details:


  • The cost to execute a pop-up registration site is $500 plus which includes food, printing supplies, masks, hand sanitizer and staff wages.

  • The systematic process requires that all participants wear masks and practice social distancing protocols. All events will be held outdoors with seating arranged 6 ft. apart.

  • The expected attendance is 30-50 per site including the UOA Staffers and volunteers.

  • Morning and evening events will be on different sides of town to maximize reach.


If you would like to sponsor pop-up registration sites and increase voter turnout, make checks payable to Urban Outreach Association, Inc., a 501c3. Send checks to Urban Outreach Association, P.O. Box 882, Griffin, GA 30224. Donations are tax deductible.  Any amount will be helpful and greatly appreciated. Funds are used to keep six staffers on the ground, publish newspapers, signs, and to purchase printing and miscellaneous supplies.


- Elbert Solomon, Urban Outreach Voting Project Coordinator,, 229-942-3316

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