Bedminster Democrat Nancy Boney
Honored at Annual Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner

Congratulations to Nancy Boney nominee from Bedminster, honored at Sommerset County's annual Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner on October 21, 2019.


Nancy's political life began in Richmond, Virginia when a Democrat urged her to write in her own own name on the ballot and that was the start of her involvement in city politics. Not long after Nancy was instrumental in electing a “bridge builder” Democrat to the Richmond, Virginia city council.


This was during the time of school integration and busing. She served on the Human Relations Council and as Chair of the League Women Voters Fair Housing Committee. Along with a few other parents she was instrumental in creating a new innovative public school in an attempt to encourage elective integration.


Along with raising three children, she was also involved in making fabric wall hangings and soft sculptures and chaired the Richmond Craftmen’s Guild. In later years, after moving to New Jersey, her work life took on various jobs, including as Adult Program Director at Reeves Reed Arboretum in Summit NJ. In her last job she served as Executive Director of the Printmaking Center of New Jersey (now called Frontline Arts).


After retirement she worked at Duke Farms as a tour guide and became a Rutger’s trained Master Gardener. Being a program planning committee member and newsletter editor occupied her volunteer time with Master Gardeners. She continues to find great satisfaction in gardening and painting and exhibits her paintings in acrylic and collage.


We honor you, we thank you, we applaud you Nancy!

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