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About Bedminster Township


Home to just over 8,000 citizens, and estimated 5,400 registered voters, Bedminster is governed by a five-member Township Committee. The Committee impacts all aspects of the town's operations, including development, planning and zoning, health, recreation and waste disposal. Committee Members serve three-year terms and are elected by the general population. One or two Committee seats are up for election each year.


Bringing Bedminster Together


Bedminster is a diverse community encompassing many faiths, ethnicities, age groups and income levels. Jeff Beyer and Zaheer  Jan celebrate this diversity and will work to ensure that all residents have a voice in local government. They are are looking to bring an experienced and professional approach to town governance with an emphasis on inclusion and transparency.  Jeff and Zaheer want to hold the Bedminster government accountable and be responsive to the citizens when it comes to how their tax dollars are spent. “We could not be more excited about these two experienced and thoughtful candidates. I know that Bedminster is a better town because they are running for Township Committee” says Peg Schaffer, Vice Chairwoman of the NJ State Democratic Party. “These two men will be great leaders for our town for years to come.”

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