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From The Bernardsville News - October 24, 2019

EDITORIAL: Stevinson, Beyer for Bedminster Township Committee

......Our second endorsement goes to Beyer, a Vietnam veteran who serves on the library board and heads up the local Democratic Party.

While the Township Committee has done a good job overall, we think having an alternative voice at the table could be beneficial. Beyer is a reasonable businessman and could work effectively with existing committee members while offering different views and providing checks and balances to the governing body.

On Nov. 5, vote for Stevinson and Beyer for the Township Committee.

From The Bernardsville News - October 16, 2019

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bedminster Democrats supported

EDITOR: I would like to share my first-hand account of working with Bedminster Township candidates Jeff Beyer and Jan Zaheer.

Jeff has a very personal side that allows him to respond to people he doesn't know in an authentic and respectful way. He listens to them and patiently answers their concerns while looking to be helpful to them and truthful from what he knows.

I appreciate this as a highly desired trait for those entrusted with serving us in political positions - especially representing us on a local level.

His Marine experience and business background add an exceptional level of capacity to these personal qualities.

Jan is a long term Bedminster resident. In working with him, I found his analysis of issues quick with various sides well understood. He is articulate without relying on canned replies. He is a very dedicated public-minded individual.

His background in complex engineer projects is an invaluable asset to his serving on the Bedminster Township Committee.


Quincy Court


From The Bernardsville News - September 18, 2019

Democrats Warn of 'Looming' 'Traffic Problems in Bedminster

BEDMINSTER TWP. – The Democratic candidates for Township Committee have this week issued a warning about additional traffic problems that may be ahead for the township.


Democratic candidates Jeffrey Beyer and Zaheer Jan said in a statement that two proposed “significant developments’’ are being proposed in the area “that will greatly impact the already congested traffic flowing through Bedminster.’’


Beyer and Jan are running for two, three-year committee seats on Nov. 5 against Republicans Doug Stevinson, an incumbent, and Gina Fernandez.

The first project they cited is called the “Center of Excellence’’ which is being proposed in the former Sanofi production facility south of Bedminster on Route 202/206.


“This massive development calls for 400 housing units, a super-sized Shop Rite, hotel, restaurants and retail outlets,’’ they said. “So, where will most of the traffic for this development go? Right through the historic Pluckemin Village choke point, which is already clogged with rush hour traffic to and from Interstates 78 and 287.


“Bedminster citizens need to make their voices heard at the Sept. 23 meeting of the Bridgewater Planning Board when the project will be reviewed,’’ they said. “We need to let Bridgewater know that what they are doing will not only impact their town, but ours as well.’’


They urged residents to attend the meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 23, at the Bridgewater Council Chambers, 100 Commons Way in Bridgewater.


The second project is for an apartment complex in Bedminster.


“On the other side of Bedminster, Elite Properties is proposing to put 40 housing units and 4,000 square feet of retail space in three story buildings on Main Street between Hillside Avenue and Route 206,’’ the Democrats wrote. “This proposed complex will add to rush hour traffic which already backs up at the main light in Bedminster Village.

“Again, we urge Bedminster residents, even those living beyond the immediate area of this proposal, to make their voices heard. The Bedminster Land Use Board will be meeting on Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. to continue their review of this proposal.’’

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