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The Bedminster Democrats are proud to announce our endorsement for the following candidates: Larry McShane for Bedminster Township Committee, Denise King for NJ Senate representing LD23, and Guy Citron and Margaret Weinberger for NJ Assembly representing LD23.


Larry McShane
for Bedminster Township Committee

Larry is a 16-year resident of Bedminster. As a Bedminster Hills resident since he first came to Bedminster, he has an understanding of the needs of citizens of the eastern part of the township but is prepared to represent all of the residents of Bedminster fairly and equitably.


Denise King
for NJ Senate Representing LD23

Denise is a resident of Bedminster, and as a nurse and hospital administrator has a special interest in improving healthcare access for all in the state. Denise is a lifetime Democrat, and is currently the deputy chair of the Bedminster Democratic Committee.


Guy Citron
for NJ
Assembly Representing LD23


Margaret Weinberger
for NJ Assembly Representing LD23

The Bedminster Board of Education Election

The Bedminster Democratic Committee would like to encourage good, rational people who care about public education to run for the Bedminster Board of Education. If you are someone who cares about quality education for all students, and you have any interest in running, or you know of someone who does, we can help. The Board of Education is a non-partisan election, so the candidates do not need to be a member of any party. At a time when many Boards of Education are dealing with book banning and targeting of educational materials based on exclusionary agendas, having good candidates for BOE is crucial. The filing deadline for petitions to be on the fall ballot is July 31.

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